The Bondsman with a Heart

Well-dressed women renting high-end cars, burglarizing gated communities

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- A new burglary scheme has hit the Suncoast. Manatee County reports several break-ins in the eastern part of the county, and Sarasota County reports break-ins south county -- at Plantation Country Club in Venice, The Inlets in Nokomis and Calusa Lakes near Laurel Road.

Clay Bontrager is on the Homeowners Association Board at Calusa Lakes.

"We were surprised because we don't have break-ins of any type," Bontrager said.

Nancy Rencis just moved in a few weeks ago and found out the disturbing news.

"Within a few days of moving in, I heard this, so I've changed all the locks in the house," she said.

Nancy moved to
Florida after a frightening break-in up north.

"We sold our large house because we had a home invasion and we were home at the time, and the police warned us it was a very violent group that broke in," she said.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Spokesperson says this suspected band of burglars isn't violent, just sophisticated and fast.
"One day it's Sarasota, the next it's the East Coast, then it's the Naples area," Wendy Rose said. "But fortunately
Florida law enforcement has a good network of sharing and that's how we are building these cases right now."

Rose also said the burglars are targeting jewelry and electronics.